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Webdunia Typing Control enables you to type Marathi using English Keyboard. Just type the words in English/Roman script and get the converted word in Marathi in two quick steps:


1.      Type in English script to get Marathi.

2.      Click the word to see suggestions.


For example: Typing “udyaa” converts to “उद्या”

  Typing Rules  
Vyanjan (Consonants)
k,c kha ga gha Nga
ch chha ja jha Nja
Ta Tha Da Dha Na
ta tha da dha na
pa pha,fa ba bha ma
ya ra la La Va,wa
sha Sha sa ha क्ष kSha,X
त्र tra ज्ञ Gya,jNja,dny            
Swar (Vowels)
a aa i ee,ii,I u
oo,uu,U R e A ai,ei
o O au,ou अं a^ अः aH
Input Output
udyaa उद्या
aaee आई
aa ि i ee,ii,I u oo,uu,O R
e ai,ei o au,ou A O
Input Output
aadamee आदमी
kimayaa  किमया
Anuswara, Visarga and Chandrabindi:
^ H M
Input Output
shankh शंख
adhHpaat अध:पात
baMk  बँक
क्र kr प् pr क़्त qt क्त kt न्म nm
द्य dya द्ध ddh द्वा dwa क्स x
Input Output
kram क्रम
prem प्रेम
Explicit Half Consonant:  
You may sometime require a half consonant in the word. To assure it should not form a conjunct you need to type '~' after the consonant. For example, the word ऐश्वर्या contains combined consonant (conjunct श्व ) this can be written as ऐश्वर्या as required using “~” key.
Input Output
nish~chit निश्‍चित
bhak~ti भक्‍ति
Explicit Halant:
Input Output
waishishT_y वैशिष्‍ट्‍य
tad_kaaleen तद्‌कालीन
Explicit Half R, (Eyelash R):
Input Output
kuRhaaD कुर्‍हाड
dusaRyaa दुसर्‍या
Que. How can I type complex characters like 'ळ', 'ॐ'?
You can type the complex characters as shown the the table below
Word Input
'ळ' 'Shift 'l'
‘ॐ’  Shift 'o' + Shift ‘m’
Que. I am not able to see my language text coming as boxes or junk characters!
Ans. Your machine may not have proper language font . Click Here to Download and Install font.
Que. Text is appearing but some words are not appearing Properly!
Ans. Your computer is not enabled to display Indian languages. Click Here to know the steps to enable Indic.